Gone Fishing after Shoulder Replacement

The best part of my work is seeing that shoulder surgery can truly improve someone’s quality of life. Although many patients express gratitude in person when I see them in the office, I wanted to share a letter I recently received that made my day. I really appreciate that my patient took the time to write, and I hope it helps others who are apprehensive about the thought of shoulder replacement.

“Dear Dr. Burns,

I wanted to give you an update on my shoulder replacement you performed in November 2015. I was hesitant to have it done over concerns that I would not improve my activity level, which was decreasing quickly. When we discussed the surgery you were very confident that you could stop most of the pain. You made no promise on improved range of motion or strength. The pain as promised is now slight, and does not control my activity level. The range of motion and strength has greatly improved. I still rehab three times a week and the shoulder continues to improve.

We recently went on a fishing trip to the gulf. We fish for bull redfish with light tackle. These fish are very strong so this was going to be a major test for the shoulder. Well, the redfish were strong as ever, but a great many sharks had also moved in to feed on the reds. There are much more aggressive and much larger than the redfish. The shoulder took a beating, but held up just fine. Some sharks were on for 20-30 minutes with the shoulder only being tired. A couple minutes of rest and it was back at them! I want to thank you for convincing me the surgery would improve my life. Due to your great skill as a surgeon and dedication as a doctor, my life has improved greatly.

Thank you!”

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