Bathing Instructions

  1. Wash your face and genital area with your regular soap and rinse.
  2. Wash your hair with your shampoo. 
  3. Rinse your hair and body thoroughly after you shampoo to remove all shampoo and soap. 
  4. Turn off the shower.
  5. Apply chlorhexidine soap with a clean, wet washcloth to your entire body, only from the neck down.
  6. Do not use this soap on your face or near your eyes, ears, or on your genital area to avoid injury.
  7. Wash your body thoroughly but gently for 5 minutes, paying special attention to your surgical site.
  8. Do not wash with regular soap after the chlorhexidine soap is used.
  9. Turn the water back on and rinse your body thoroughly. 
  10. Pat your body dry with a clean, soft, towel. 
  11. Do not use lotions, creams, or powders.
  12. Do not apply any deodorant to your underarms the night before surgery or the morning of surgery.

Clear Liquid Diet

Studies have shown that drinking clear liquids before you leave home for surgery can help your recovery after surgery. 

The guidelines for liquids have changed to encourage you to drink from your chocice of clear iquids up until 2 hours before you arrive at the hospital. 

Approved clear liquids include:

  1. Any liquid you can see through
  2. Water or noncarbonated flavored water
  3. Hot or iced tea
  4. Black coffee
  5. Clear, fat free broth
  6. Apple, cranberry, or grape juice
  7. Gelatin
  8. Ice pops without fruit pieces, pulp, or seeds

Liquids NOT ALLOWED include:

  1. NO milk, cream, creamers, or sugar in coffee
  2. NO milk or milk products (no soy or almond milk)
  3. NO orange, grapefruit, or tomato juice
  4. NO carbonated beverages
  5. NO alcoholic beverages